One cannot prevent the occurrence of migraine but what one can do is to keep a track of all those factors and reasons that cause migraine and one should make changes in one’s life style and food habits so as to reduce the occurrence of migraine. By taking precautions the severity of migraines can be reduced as well as it prevents rebound migraines from occurring which happens due to medicines that require acute treatment for the migraine. If one is a migraine patient then one should find out the reasons which trigger off migraines and should avoid them. Following is a list of things one should do in order to avoid migraines.

One should drink a lot of water so as to prevent dehydration. Dehydration is one of the reasons that lead to migraines and it is necessary that the body is kept hydrated. .

 How To Find A Migraine Free LifestyleThere should be a fixed sleep pattern which should be followed with regularity. Any changes in the sleep pattern can also trigger off migraines.

One should not miss meals or make any drastic changes to one’s food patterns and eating habits.

One should do moderate to light exercise to get rid of stress that builds up migraine but exercise should be avoided when one is having a migraine attack. Heavy exercise should be avoided as that can trigger off migraine.

There are certain types of food that cause migraines like aged cheese, chocolates, large amount of caffeine, sulphites found in dry fruits, monosodium glutamate, alcohol, nitrates and nitrites that are found in cured or processed meats. Therefore one should avoid such types of food as they can cause severe headaches.

There are certain medicines that can cause migraine like the medicines that are given for hormone replacement therapy during menopause or medicines like birth control pills. If you are taking these medicines then either you will be advised to stop taking them or reduce their intake by your doctor. These estrogen containing medications can result in migraine attacks if taken without doctor’s supervision.

 How To Find A Migraine Free LifestyleOne should stay away from stressful situations as stress is the biggest reason for migraine attacks and apart from migraine it is also the reason for a lot of health conditions.

There are many ways to reduce stress and tension and following are methods that are used to reduce migraines.

There is relaxation therapy that aims to relax the body through progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing and visualization.

Massage helps reduce tension, relaxes the body and promotes good sleep.

Biofeedback system encourages people to keep a track of and control their responses like blood pressure and muscle tension.  This form of treatment is now used for treating common migraine.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps patients recognize and deal with the various stresses that they face in their lives.

Apart from these method and techniques there are many medications that are used to control migraine as well.  Medicines that are used in epilepsy, antidepressants and blood pressure medicines are also used to treat migraine.

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