Basic Information: What is MigreLief Original Formula Triple Therapy?

The review for today features a product called MigreLief Original Formula Triple Therapy, made by Akeso. This product claims to hold multiple patents for its natural migraine relief formula. It is designed to alleviate migraine symptoms and help to prevent the occurrence of migraines, or at least the severity thereof. It is designed for adults and children over 12 years of age who frequently get migraine headaches.


The following list is the active ingredients contained within Akeso’s MigreLief Original Formula Triple Therapy. After thorough research, a full list of all ingredients, both active and inactive, could not be found. Thus, only the active ingredients are listed here.

  • Riboflavin- Riboflavin is a part of the B vitamin set (B2 specifically). Studies have shown that riboflavin provides nutritional benefits. Higher levels of riboflavin in one’s system have shown to be helpful in people who are prone to have migraines.
  • Magnesium- Numerous studies have shown that low magnesium levels are one trigger of migraines. Increasing magnesium levels in a migraine sufferer can help alleviate symptoms as well as decrease the severity and frequency of migraines occurring again.
  • Feverfew- Feverfew has long been used as an herbal remedy and is known to have properties which promote cerebrovascular health. Feverfew has been shown in many studies to help people who get migraines.


The recommended dosage for MigreLief is to take one tablet two times a day. There is no specific instruction about whether to take it with water or to take it with meals, but this method is usually recommended with most medications and supplements. Additionally, it is recommended to take the tablets at the same time each day for maximum benefits.


A bottle of MigreLief contains 60 caplets and costs $19.99. If you buy in bulk, you get discounts, such as about $5 off when you buy 3 bottles at once. You also get enrolled in an auto-shipping program. There is also a 6 bottle deal as well, which gets a deeper discount. The 3 and 6 bottle deals have free shipping.

What to Expect

As a migraine sufferer along with my wife, we were desperate to try anything, but we were looking into something natural. We found out about MigreLief and decided to try it out. We began taking it as soon as we received the order. Sure enough, I got a migraine about a week after having started it. My wife got one about two weeks into taking it. She said her migraine was not as bad as usual, and mine was close to the same. The next migraine I got was a bit more bearable, so it takes a few weeks to really get the stuff in your system before it works. Patience is the key here.

Keep an Eye Out

There are a few possible side effects here. One is allergic reaction, so check to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. The magnesium could cause some diarrhea, and upset stomach could occur as well. Sometimes there are adverse side effects when taking feverfew and suddenly stopping, so weaning is the best practice to avoid this.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

If you try MigreLief for 90 days and are not satisfied, return the unused portion and get a refund, providing the return is made within 100 days from date of purchase. So, you essentially have 10 days to return it after your 90-day trial. The 3-bottle pack has a 100-day return policy on the first purchase only. The 6-bottle pack has no refund.

The Bottom Line

MigreLief is a natural supplement that aims to alleviate symptoms but focuses mainly on prevention. It is fairly cheap and has no sugar or other additives. On the downside, the refund policy is strict, and there is no refund if you by 6 bottles at once. There is also the potential for side effects if you just up and stop taking it instead of weaning yourself off it.

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