Basic Information: What is Healthspan Feverfew Migraine Relief?

Today, Healthspan’s Feverfew Migraine Relief is the product under review today. Feverfew Migraine Relief is a natural supplement that is supposed to help prevent migraines. It is made with the extract from the herb called feverfew. Healthspan, the maker of Feverfew Migraine Relief, says that it can also alleviate symptoms from migraines in addition to helping to prevent future migraines.


The following is a list of the ingredients that comprise Healthspan’s Feverfew Migraine Relief capsules.

Active Ingredient

Feverfew- An herb that has been used in natural medicine to treat migraine headaches for years. It has other potential uses for other ailments.

Inactive Ingredients

  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Silica Colloidal Anhydrous
  • TItanium Dioxide E171
  • Talc
  • Dextrin White

All of these ingredients are used as binding agents to create the capsules.


The recommended dosage for Feverfew Migraine Relief is to take one capsule each day. It is recommended that the daily dose be taken at the same time every day for best results. This should be taken with water, but can be taken with other liquids aside from alcohol.


The cost of one box of Feverfew Migraine Relief is around £14. If you sign up for automatic delivery, you get each successive box for £13. There do not appear to be any other discounts or special offers at this time, based on research performed.

What to Expect

I went on vacation to England and my fun, relaxation, and exploration was hampered by a very bad migraine. I went and picked up some Feverfew Migraine Relief and tried it out. I did not expect very much as it is all-natural and it takes time for it to work, but it did alleviate some of the symptoms. My migraine ended slightly faster than they normally do, so I was able to get some enjoyment out of my trip.

Keep an Eye Out

Although they are not common, there is a potential risk of side effects when taking Feverfew Migraine Relief. Heartburn, indigestion, gas, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea may occur. This should not be a worry unless these side effects are severe or persistent. Rarer side effects include: Oral ulcers or inflammation, skin rash due to allergy, renal failure, high blood pressure, Raynaud’s phenomenon, arthritis, and eosinophilia. If any of these side effects occur at all, stop taking immediately and consult a doctor. Follow this protocol if you experience any side effects that are not listed in the accompanying leaflet.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Although details could not be found, Healthspan has a no-quibble guarantee on Feverfew Migraine Relief. It is assumed that this is a no questions asked type of refund, although this could be incorrect. There have been customer reviews, and they all seem to be positive.

The Bottom Line

Feverfew Migraine Relief by Healthspan is a pretty decent product. It is a natural alternative of migraine headache relief, and the makeup of the capsules are gelatin-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. That being said, there are some drawbacks to this product. Firstly, this product is not available to residents of the U.S., Canada, or Holland, so unless you’re in the U.K., you will not be getting this product. Secondly, it takes about three months to get the maximum benefit, providing that it works the same for everyone.

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