Although it still remains unsolved as to what results in a migraine, one can always keep a look out for various factors that cause a migraine.  For certain people, it can just be one factor that results in migraine while for some it can be a lot of factors that cause migraine. Here is a list of a few factors that can cause migraine.

Strong odors like cigarette smoke or perfumes.

Physical activity can also cause migraine especially if it exerting.

Loud noise can cause migraines.

How to Avoid Migraine TriggersHormonal changes in women especially during menstruation, menopause or pregnancy. The medicines that are taken for hormonal changes can also start or make a migraine worse.

Anxiety and stress can lead to migraines.

Bright lights can be one the causes.

Change in sleep can result in migraines.

Changes in weather

Certain medications like vasodilators and oral contraceptives can cause migraine.

Certain types of food can cause migraine such as MSG, alcohol, food that have nitrates like salami, bacon and hot dogs; food having tyramine which cause foods to age like cheese, wine; artificial sugar –aspartame.  Fasting or even skipping a meal has been seen to cause migraines.

Apart from this list there are several other factors that can trigger off migraines. These are:

Gender– it has been observed that women are more likely to suffer from migraine than men.  What is interesting to note is that in childhood, around 70% of boys have high changes of having migraine than girls and this equation changes around puberty.

How to Avoid Migraine TriggersWeight– This factor plays an important part as study shows that women who are overweight or even slightly overweight are likely to have migraine in comparison to those with lower body mass index.

Genes– Study shows that those who have a history in their family of suffering from migraines are likely to suffer from it.  If anyone in your family has migraine then chances are that you will suffer from it as well.

Age– although migraine can happen at any age but many people are likely to experience it in their adolescence.

The best way to keep track of your migraines is to maintain a diary.  One should write down the type of food and drinks consumed a day before the migraine started.  One should write down the list of activities done before the headache began.  If any medicines were taken then one should write down the names as well. If a woman, then keeping a track of the dates of the period is necessary.  Keeping a record of the medicines you take also helps the doctor who is treating your migraine as your diary will keep a record of any changes in the migraine pattern.  Showing the diary to your doctor helps in pinpointing out the reasons and factors that are causing migraine. It will help reduce the migraines frequency and one can avoid those factors that trigger it off.Although one cannot avoid the reasons that cause migraines, one can make a conscious effort to stay away from things that trigger it off. If there are certain types of foods and drinks that cause it then its best to stay away from them. If a certain smell of a perfume can trigger it off then its best to avoid it. When there is a pattern established at home or at work then it can go a long way in preventing migraines.

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