Migraine is a severe headache which is followed by vomiting, nausea, and can also include a stage called aura where flashes of light are seen. Migraine attack makes one sensitive to light and sound.  The Manhattan Headache Center in New York City’s medical director Susan Broner says that migraine can be called a neurobiological disorder.  Some people are hypersensitive to the brain’s pain centers and that is why such people can experience pain at a greater level.  It is necessary to keep a track of the frequency and days when the migraine attacks happen so that one can be prepared as well as take the necessary precautions to prevent it. Following are the various ways through which one can prevent migraines.

If having one drink causes you to have a hangover then it is a sign of a migraine attack and one should stop consuming alcohol.

Before menstruation when the estrogen level in women drops, it results in migraine.

16 Ways to Stop A MigraineIf one is addicted to caffeine then it is the onset of withdrawal migraine as it stimulates the brain’s migraine center.  One should reduce the caffeine intake in order to prevent this.

One should not change one’s sleep pattern as that also results in migraine.

If one misses a meal or makes change in the food habits then one is setting oneself up for a migraine attack, the glucose levels tend to dip if one goes without food for more than three hours and therefore it is necessary to not skip meals.

When it comes to relaxation methods, one should go for massages that are gentle and at the same time can help spot the centers of migraine. Yoga is an effective way of tackling migraine.

One can also use ice packs as they are very effective for migraines. Due to the anti-inflammatory nature of ice packs, it is recommended that one uses them instead of hot packs.

16 Ways to Stop A MigraineThere are certain herbs that are thought to be effective against migraine.  Feverfew is one herb that is said to reduce migraines as well as a herb called butterbur is said to cause healthy flow of blood in the brain.

Studies show that if one takes supplements like CoQ10 or riboflavin then it goes a long way in treating migraines.

Acupuncture is said to be better than medicines when it comes to alleviating migraines.

When it comes to medicines then there are medicines for anti-seizure that help in treating migraines.  By inhibiting the neurotransmitters, they fight against migraine but the side effects include drowsiness and confusion.

Botox treatments are said to be effective against migraines and has thirty one shots that are given. The side effects are very rare.

Triptans were made to combat migraines but long duration of use at times can lead to rebound migraines.

SSRI and Tricyclics are anti-depressants that have been found to be effective against migraines.  Since serotonin levels increase by abnormal levels during a migraine attack, these medicines are effective for treating migraine but one should not use these medicines if one is not suffering from depression.

Medicines that are used to treat high blood pressure can be used to treat migraine but the drawback is that at times they can make the heart rate drop to a dangerous level.

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