A form of headache termed migraine can cause severe pain and the patient becomes sensitive to sound and light. This form of headache is followed by vomiting or a feeling of nausea.  The severity of the headache can lead to inactivity for hours and extending to even more than a day.

Migraine can be triggered off by certain types of food like monosodium glutamate, brown vinegar, caffeine, yogurt, aged cheese, chicken livers, cured meats to name a few, due to stress, or due to hormonal fluctuations, due to alcohol, a few medicines that are being taken for other reasons and have side effects or even from medicines that are known to relieve pain, due to certain types of odours, due to lack of sleep and it can even occur when you miss a meal.

Common Migraine TreatmentsTo prevent migraine from occurring it is best to take certain measures. When mild symptoms occur, one should have medicine ready. For some people the medicines available at retail outlets work which might not have any effect on those who are suffering from severe migraines. In some cases Aspirin helps when mild symptoms begin and prevents it from becoming severe. There are some who take caffeine products like coffee that helps them when mild symptoms begin as dilation of blood vessels are counteracted by caffeine. The dilation is thought of as partly causing the pain.

There are cases in which the usual over the counter medicines are not at all effective and for them certain types of medicines can only help. Such medicines have the following ingredients –ergotamine, triptans and dihydroergotamine. Several tablets contain triptans. Apart from tablets, injections and nasal sprays are also available. When there is an onset of migraine, its best to administer these drugs.  For those who have frequent migraine, its best that they follow the prescribed medicines. In the present times medicines that have been used for convulsions, high blood pressure, and depression are used to treat migraine. A few examples of such medicines are sodium valproate, pizotifen (Sandomigran) , amitriptyline, topiramate (Epiramax, Topamax), propranolol  (Inderal) and verapamil.

Common Migraine TreatmentsSuch medicines can be taken by patients who are suffering from severe migraine as well as by those whose bodies are unable to take the migraine preventive medicines.  Patients who suffer from severe migraine can be administered Botox – named Botulinum toxin type A and it is very effective. This is given in the form of injections in specific neck and head muscles and after twelve weeks, repeat injections might be required. There are other methods as well apart from medicines that can be added to prevent migraines. These include stress management training, relaxation exercises, acupuncture, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

In certain cases, when the intake of caffeine is reduced then it prevents migraine from occurring.  If after all these measures the migraine does not reduce then it is advisable to consult a doctor. Instead of depending on the medicines available at retail outlets, it becomes necessary to consult a doctor to get the suitable medicines.

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