What is A.Vogel Migraine Formula?

A.Vogel Migraine Formula is a homeopathic migraine treatment plan available in the market today. This product claims to treat acute migraines. The product also asserts on its efficiency to stop recurring migraine attacks and headaches as well. The manufacture claims that the product is potent and effective. This review is focused on informing you about this product so that we can equip you with everything you need to know about the formula before committing your money to it.


Migraine Formula contains medicinal alcohol: 55% v/v, which evaporates once the product is added to a minute amount of lukewarm water. The following is a list of the ingredients used by the manufacturer to make this product. All the ingredients are in equal parts:

  • Ammi Visnaga D1
  • Spigelia D6
  • Iris versicolor D3
  • Cimicifuga D6
  • Chionanthus virg. D6


The manufacturer recommends six dosages of 10 drops on the tongue every 15 minutes. When symptoms disappear, the dosage can be reduced to every hour. To prevent future attacks, take the solution twice on a daily basis. Always read the product label before consuming it for further directions.


By the time we were doing this research, the manufacturer had not indicated the price of this 30ml bottle solution. Also, we did not find any information regarding discount or bulk buying.

Possible Side Effects

So far, we have not come across any side effects concerning the use of this product. The manufacturer does not provide any risk factors especially those involving pregnant women, nursing mothers, and young children. Even so, these individuals should consult a doctor before consuming this formulation. Also, people on other forms of prescriptions or non-prescription drugs should seek medical consultation before using this solution.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

During this research, we did not find any return policy or refund promised by the manufacturer. Lack of such a commitment from the manufacturer could be an indication that the maker is not sure of the product’s efficiency.

The Bottom Line

This product does have a Good Manufacturing Practice certificate which assures on safety and quality. Also, the product has Holistic Standardization which checks potency and effectiveness. As such, this migraine formula might be a good game changer to clients who have constant and recurring migraines and headaches. However, there are a few setbacks that a client should consider reviewing and possibly opt for better alternatives. First, there are no customer reviews to verify the products potency and effectiveness as claimed by the manufacturer. Also, there is no refund policy and money-back guarantee which leaves the customer with no other plan to resort to should the product disappoint them. The manufacturer does not provide the product’s price leaving potential buyers to speculate. Also, the maker indicates that the alcohol in the product evaporates when one mixes it with a little warm water. However, in the directions, the consumer is directed to put 10 drops on the tongue every 15 minutes. This lack of clarity may scare away potential customers. Now you know what A.Vogel Migraine Formula is all about.

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