What is Rocky Mountain Oils Migraine Support Essential Oil Blend?

Migraine Support Essential Oil Blend is a massage oil manufactured by Rocky Mountain Oil which is intended to help in alleviating migraines. The product claims to contain a sweet, minty flowery scent that soothes to help you feel relaxed and calm. The company behind this formula was founded in 2004 and specializes in a collection of pain relief products extracted from natural sources such as herbs. By stimulating circulation and supporting a healthy circulatory system, this product promises to soothe minor pains and aches that result from regular muscle and joint overuse.


In reference to the manufacturer’s official website, the key ingredients in Migraine Support Essential Oil Blend include:


This product comes in form of a massage oil. To use, simply mix 30 drops of the oil with 5 drops of Bergamot FCF, a teaspoon of FCO and 1 cup of melted Shea Butter. Place the mixture in a container and leave it to cool completely. Massage into the affected area twice or three times a day. We could not establish for how long this practice should be carried out.


A 15ml bottle of Migraine Support Essential Oil is retailing at $22.50, marked down from the recommended retail price of $25. For every bottle you purchase, you are awarded 23 points which are redeemable. However, we didn’t find information about what you can redeem with these reward points. We could also not establish if there are special offers or discounts for customers who purchase in bulk. We also didn’t find out if this product comes with a monthly subscription.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer has not stated if Migraine Support Essential Oil Blend has any adverse side effects. However, it is clearly stated that you should contact your doctor before using any product from this manufacturer if you are on medication, pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition. It is also recommendable to seek medical assistance if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Migraine Support Essential Oil comes with a 90-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. The manufacturer accepts products returned for any reason, even if they are opened, for up to 90 days. On contacting their customer service team and requesting a return authorization number, your refund will be delivered after your product is successfully returned. There are quite a few reviews on the manufacturer’s website, most of which are positive.

The Bottom Line

Migraine Support Essential Oil Blend is seemingly a potential formula that can be helpful in alleviating pain based on the reviews from users. Its mode of application is very simple and clear and it uses natural ingredients which should not trigger adverse side effects. However, it is not clear how long this product should last you and so it may work out expensive in the long run, particularly as there is no option to buy in bulk and save money.

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