Basic Information: What is Nurofen Max Strength

This review is for the potential consumer who is interested in using Nurofen Max Strength. This product is a remedy mainly against migraines but it would diminish the effects of other internal aches as well. Nurofen is a drug that quickly acts as soon as it is absorbed by the body and it will reduce the migraine and its symptoms significantly. This treatment can be found online in various stores as well as pharmacies.


This drug relies entirely on the use of one active ingredient. This compound is known as Ibuprofen and it is clinically proven to counteract the pain caused by migraines. The formula may be simple as it does not combine other compounds, but it is intended for short term use as it should eliminate the problem quickly if it is not too serious.


According to the instructions, the consumer should orally administer one caplet every four hours. He may take a maximum of 3 pills daily as it is not advised to exceed this dosage. The treatment should not be prolonged over the 10 day limit that is recommended.


The starting price for a 12 tablet pack of Nurofen Max Strength is 8.64$. The manufacturer does not list any potential discounts for acquiring more than one pack and there are no coupons available for reducing the listed price.

What to Expect

When suffering from severe head aches I chose Nurofen Max Strength and followed the manufacturer’s recommendation’s precisely. I took 3 caplets daily with 4 hour break between each caplet and I found the effect to be somewhat less than what it was described. The first pill barely reduced the pain but with each pill I took, the pain diminished itself. It took several days to eliminate the root of the problem and I did not encounter any side effects.

Keep an Eye Out

It is not recommended for people who suffered from an ulcer or any kind of stomach bleeding, as well as for those who suffer from asthma. Those who are known to be allergic to ibuprofen, aspirin or any other similar pain killer should entirely avoid this drug. Profesional medical care specialist should be consulted before usage if the consumer is a smoker or a pregnant woman.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer does not offer any type of return policy or guarantee that would enable the customer to send back the product and ask for reimbursement. Information about a money back guarantee is missing from the manufacturer’s website, leaving potential customers confused regarding this aspect. However, customer service may be contacted for more information regarding the return of a faulty package.

Reviews seem to be missing as well as the website contains no experiences and testimonials from previous customers.

The Bottom Line

Nurofen Max Strength is proven to have an effect against migraines but the product comes with several drawbacks. There are no special offers for buying several packages of the treatment and the manufacturer does not offer any information regarding the possibility of returning the product for a refund. A lack of customer feedback is another sign that raises questions about the company’s commitment.

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