What is Migravent?

Migravent is a non-prescription dietary supplement manufactured by Vita Sciences, a company based in New York, using the most effective natural compounds to treat migraines. The product claims that it uses multiple natural compounds that help in alleviating migraines and supports mechanisms of healthy neurological function. The manufacturer claims that based on clinical studies, this supplement is formulated using Fast Absorb Technology to maximize its effectiveness. They also allege that this supplement is recommended by leading neurologists and headache clinics in the United States.


Our search on the manufacturer’s official website found out that Migravent is composed of the following ingredients:

The manufacturer claims Migravent doesn’t contain Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids and is gluten-free. There is a detailed explanation on the manufacturer’s website for each of these ingredients. However, the ingredients mentioned on the product’s page and those mentioned on the product’s label on the purchase page don’t match.


Migravent comes in the form of softgel capsules that should be taken on a daily basis. The manufacturer directs that adults should take one capsule of Migravent three times daily with meals. This supplementation program should continue for up to 4-6 months to achieve full efficacy. You should then resume the program for 4-6 months if your symptoms appear again.


For a one-time purchase, a bottle of Migravent containing 60 softgel capsules is currently selling for $38.95, down from $49.95, on the manufacturer’s official website. They advertise a monthly subscription with a 10% discount. They claim that you can unsubscribe from their Auto-Ship program at any time. Shipping is free for orders exceeding $39. We did not find any special offers or discounts for customers purchasing in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer clearly states that side effects are rare but there are some conditions worth noting. You should discontinue taking Migravent and contact your doctor immediately if you experience unusual allergic reactions, such as pain, jaundice, nausea, and vomiting. You may also experience mild diarrhea or other stomach irritations due to the magnesium. Riboflavin reactions can also cause slight urine discoloration. Although the manufacturer claims that this supplement should not cause any drug interactions, it is recommendable to contact your doctor first if you are already on prescribed medications. Pregnant or lactating women are warned against using this supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We did not come across any money-back or satisfaction guarantee on the manufacturer’s official website. However, we noted plenty of positive users’ comments and reviews although we could not tell if they are verified. The absence of negative comments and reviews could indicate that the web admin is biased.

The Bottom Line

Migravent is seemingly an effective dietary supplement that can help alleviate migraines. It doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription and its dosage instructions are clear. There are also many positive reviews about this product. Nevertheless, it has some downsides. It doesn’t come with any money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users. The ingredients mentioned on the product’s page and on the product label don’t match. Lastly, some of its ingredients have been shown to trigger adverse reactions and side effects.

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