What is Migrastick?

Migrastick is a natural massaging product manufactured by Groupe Arkopharma. The product claims to quickly help in relieving pain and headaches. The manufacturer alleges that its massage effect, along with the cool sensation it provides, helps in alleviating pain related to migraines or headaches. This product purports that it is loaded with essential oils that are 100% natural and pure. The company behind this product states that all their medical devices are produced under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards although we could not find out if their facility is GMP-verified.


According to the manufacturer’s official website, Migrastick contains the following ingredients in a pure and natural form:

We also noted that Migrastick does not contain alcohol, colorings, parabens, or preservatives.


Migrastick comes in form of a roller stick that can always be carried around and used when the need arises. It is intended for external use only. The manufacturer directs that you should apply Migrastick with 2 or 3 short circular movements on the forehead, temple, and neck to relieve sensations of heavy head, stress, or tension. Each bottle allows up to 100 applications. We could not find out how frequently this product should be used. It is also not stated the maximum applications this product should be used in a day.


Our search on the official manufacturer’s website did not yield the recommended retail price for this product. On Amazon, 0.1 oz. roller stick of Migrastick is being sold for $24.49, with a shipping cost of $4.99. You can also buy an open box for $17.88. We could not find any offers or discounts for customers who order in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

We have not come across any severe or adverse side effects associated with the use of Migrastick. Although this product claims to be 100% natural, the manufacturer clearly warns that it is not suitable for children under 12 years of age, pregnant or lactating women, and epileptics. Although the manufacturer states that you can use it as the first line of treatment, we recommend that you contact your doctor if you are already on prescribed medication.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We did not find any kind of money-back or satisfaction guarantee on Migrastick’s official website. However, it is stated that the product is clinically tested and comes with 91% customer satisfaction. There are no user reviews or comments to ascertain whether this product can be trusted in alleviating migraines and headaches.

The Bottom Line

Migrastick may be helpful in pain alleviation. It is manufactured with essential oils that are 100% pure and natural. Its mode of application is easy and its small size allows it to be carried around. However, there are no user comments or reviews to show how effective Migrastick could be. It is also not sold directly from the manufacturer’s website. And above all, it doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee. It may not be the best product to choose for relieving pain caused by headaches or migraines.

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