Basic Information: What is Imigran Recovery

In this review the reader will learn all about Imigran Recovery, how to benefit from it and how it works. This product does more than just masking the pain and other symptoms caused by a migraine. Due to its main active ingredient, it quickly acts at the root of the problem by attacking the cause and not just treating the symptom. This treatment may be found and acquired in multiple online stores as it does not require a prescription.


The formula of this drug is fairly simple as it relies on one single active ingredient, which is sumatriptan. This compound is used because of its ability of combating the cause of the pain itself instead of just relieving the symptom. The medication will also diminish the pain that is felt within 30 minutes as sumatriptan is know for being a fast acting substance.


The user should take one single tablet no matter at which state the migraine is, whether it’s just starting or it’s highly intense. It is advisable, however, to take just one tablet and a second one only if necessary, after two hours since the initial one. Under no circumstances should the consumer take more than two tablets during one single day.


The listed price is 12.93$ per two tablets. The manufacturer does not offer any special discounts or offers even if ordering multiple packs. There are no coupons or beneficial subscription plans for the customer to choose either as the price depends on other distributors. The manufacturer sends the consumer to online stores that he recommends.

What to Expect

I decided to give this drug a try while experiencing a persistent migraine that wouldn’t go away even after a few days. At first I just took one tablet like recommended but the effect wasn’t as quick and powerful as the label suggested. However, the effect did start kicking in after taking the second tablet 2 hours later. The pain started to finally subside enough to allow me to get some rest. I had to continue this treatment the second day as well in order to fully eliminate the problem.

Keep an Eye Out

The consumer should avoid this drug if he is known to have various heart conditions. The treatment can aggravate the user’s condition if he suffered a heart attack in the past or is known for having a family history of illnesses related to the heart and vascular circulation. If blood pressure dramatically rises, the treatment should be immediately halted and seeking medical assistance is highly advised.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no guarantee or return policy offered by the manufacturing company. It remains unclear whether the consumer may be reimbursed for the product if he is not satisfied with it.

Reviews exist and they are highly positive as past customers talk about their experience with this treatment. The vast majority describes an overall good experience with the drug.

The Bottom Line

Imigran Recovery is a product based on one single active ingredient that is proven to relieve pain. Reviews indicate that the product is indeed effective. The downside is the fact that this is a very expensive drug and the manufacturer does not offer any kind of guarantee to support this product and to insure quality.

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