Basic Information: What is Migraine Formula

This review will contain the information needed by the potential customer who seeks advice regarding Goodsense’s Migraine Formula. This form of medication is used to combat and suppress the pain caused by migraines, headaches and other types of physical pain. It works by combining pain relieving ingredients together with caffeine, thus leading to increased effect against pain. This drug may be found and purchased on various online stores such as Amazon.


The formula is specifically designed to quickly annihilate the pain induced by migraines. The active ingredients well known for relieving pain work together with caffeine which is proven to boost the effect of these pain killing compounds.

Active ingredients:


The label recommends the user to take one pill twice a day or two pills once a day if the migraine becomes intolerable. The consumer should not exceed the recommended doses as it can lead to health risks and various side effects.


The price for one package containing 24 caplets is 2.99$. There are no discounts offered when purchasing several packs and there is no possibility of opting for an auto order renewal based on subscription.

What to Expect

As someone who suffers from headaches and even migraines from time to time I opted for this product with the hope that it works as suggested. I was pleased to find out that indeed it has a positive effect and relieves pain fairly quickly. As indicated, I took two caplets at the same time as the pain was severe and after nearly an hour it has been reduced. It persisted the next day but after taking one pill twice, my head ache vanished entirely. Continued the treatment for one more day just to make sure the migraine doesn’t return and it hasn’t ever since. Entirely satisfied with this product as it works according to its label.

Keep an Eye Out

It is advisable to consult a physician before using this drug if the consumer is undergoing any type of treatment. Side effects may occur if combining this medication with other drugs and it can even be dangerous under certain circumstances. The user should not take any other drug that contains acetaminophen as a high dosage of this compound can cause serious liver problems. Alcohol should also be avoided for the same reason. The product should be entirely avoided if the consumer is aware of having allergies caused by aspirin or any other similar pain killers or anti inflammatory drugs.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Goodsense does not offer any kind of money back guarantee on its website as their is no return policy being mentioned. It remains unclear if the customer may return a product when not satisfied with it.

Existing consumers express their opinions about this product almost entirely positive as they are satisfied with the results. The majority of reviews are in the product’s favor.

The Bottom Line

This type of migraine relief medication is praised by the consumer base through the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Customers favor this product due to its low price as well, even though there is no return policy or guarantee offered by the manufacturer. The main downside, however, would be the amount of possible side effects that may occur when taking this drug, even if respecting the label’s instructions.

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