Basic Information: What is GelStat Migraine

This review will contain the information every consumer should poses before using GelStat Migraine. This treatment involves an oral dispenser that delivers the migraine fighting compounds efficiently in the bloodstream. It is meant to be administered sublingually, thus having an effect almost immediately, sometimes offering headache relief within minutes. This product does not require a prescription and may be acquired in many online stores as well as pharmacies.


This drug relies on natural ingredients that are picked due to their clinically proven effect on suppressing pain and eliminating migraines. The two active ingredients found within this treatment, are feverfew and ginger that are anti inflammatory compounds and offer relief from head aches and pain in general.


This type of medication is meant to be administered sublingually, in other words by placing the oral dispenser under the tongue and holding it there until dissolved. The consumer should use a second dispenser 5 minutes after the first one and hold the content under the tongue for one minute before swallowing. This process may be repeated every 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the consumer’s need. It is advised to apply the remedy immediately after the first signs of pain in order to achieve maximum effect.


The price depends on the amount of packages the customer order. The listed price for one pack is 9.95$ but it quickly becomes an advantage when the client purchases more. The cost for 6 packages is 29.85$ and for 24 packages 84.99$ which includes free shipping.

What to Expect

After using regular, over the counter medicine to treat my migraines I decided to try this homeopathic remedy instead as the previous treatments stopped working efficiently. I began taking this medication as instructed with the hope that I will feel the positive results quickly but I was left partially disappointed. The effect did not take place immediately and I had to administer an entire package in one day in order to be relieved of the pain. The migraine’s intensity diminished but only after several doses, therefore the product did work but exactly as marketed.

Keep an Eye Out

There are virtually no side effects reported by previous consumers or mentioned on the label. Clinical tests did not yield any negative results after using this homeopathic remedy and it is considered generally safe for everyone.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer stands by its product and offers the customer a strong guarantee to back the product. The client may return the medication for a full refund if he is not satisfied with the product. There is no time limit and it can be sent back for reimbursement even if opened and partially used.

Previous customers reviewed this product in the form of testimonials that are overwhelmingly positive. The praise the drug’s positive effect and lack of side effects.

The Bottom Line

GelStat Migraine is a remedy created using natural ingredients that will not cause any kind of side effects and it is backed by positive reviews, as well as strong commitment from the manufacturer’s part. The main downside is the price as one package contains few doses that could be used in just one day, thus costing the consumer on the long run.

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