Basic Information: What is Excedrin Migraine

This review contains information and advice needed by the potential user before acquiring and using Excedrin’s Migraine. This form of migraine treatment relies on a mixture of pain relieving substances blended together with caffeine to enhance the effect. The drug relieves various forms of migraines and persistent head aches and effect should take place almost immediately. Excedrin’s Migraine can be purchased mainly in online stores, as well as on the manufacturers website.


This treatment is designed by mixing 3 active ingredients scientifically proven to be highly effective at combating various internal pains and symptoms associated with them. These compounds fight off the pain while also reducing sensitivity to light and sound, symptoms that are common during migraines that persist.

Active ingredients:


According to the label’s instructions it is recommended to take maximum two capsules a day. Both pills may be taken at once if the migraine is serious enough, or split into two doses. The user should not exceed the recommended dosage.


The price depends on the container’s size. The price starts at 5.35$ per 24 doses and goes up to 17.99$ per pack which contains 300 caplets. There are no special offers or discounts present on the manufacturer’s website other than a 1$ discount coupon which the customer may obtain.

What to Expect

When experiencing a powerful migraine I opted for Excedrin and it certainly yielded good results. The pain went away almost entirely in approximately half an hour after taking the pill. With the second dose that I administered later, the pain subsided completely. This product worked entirely as described and expected.

Keep an Eye Out

The label lists various side effects and health risks that may occur if the product is not used according to instructions or under specific circumstances. The consumer should not use this medication if he has a known allergy to aspirin or any other pain killers. It is vital not to take more than 2 capsules per day or to combine them with any other treatment containing acetaminophen. Too much of this compound can lead to heavy liver damage that will affect the user’s health severely. It is highly recommended to consult a health care specialist before using this drug if you are under any form of treatment or if you are experiencing an unusually powerful migraine.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer fails to mention any type of return policy on its own website, therefore its unclear whether the customer is able to return the product and receive full reimbursement.

Reviews are present in fairly high numbers and seem to be overwhelmingly positive. Previous clients praise this treatment claiming that it is highly efficient in reliving pain caused by migraines and serious head aches.

The Bottom Line

Excedrin’s Migraine is a product that combines key ingredients that are known for relieving pain even on their own. The reviews are positive and are backing up this product as most users are praising its efficiency. There are, however, several downsides. Using this drug can cause serious side effects in many cases, therefore it is somewhat risky to use unless under a doctor’s supervision. Manufacturer’s commitment seems to be somewhat lacking as there is no return policy or guarantee mentioned.

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