Basic Information: What is Panitrol for Migraines?

This review is about Panitrol for Migraines, made by Enzyme Labs Nutraceuticals. Panitrol for Migraines is an herbal dietary supplement. It is designed to help people who have chronic migraine pain. The purpose and formula of Panitrol for Migraines is to alleviate and eventually eliminate migraines and the associated pain, nausea, and other side effects from having one of these severe headaches.


Panitrol for Migraines is comprised of several herbal extracts that have been combined to produce this pain-relieving and preventative supplement. The ingredients in this product are:

  • Juniper- Works to balance blood sugar levels
  • Meadowsweet- Works to balance hormone levels
  • Dandelion- Works to provide several vitamins to relieve pain and any bloating that may be involved
  • Goldenrod- Works to relieve stress
  • Willow Bark- Works against prostaglandins, which restrict blood flow
  • Whole Grape Extract- Works to improve blood flow to the brain


It took some research, but it was discovered that the 60-caplet supply of Panitrol for Migraines is most effective when taken twice a day. It is not specified that  they should be taken with meals, but as with most medications both herbal and otherwise, it would make sense to take with food as this method helps the medicine to enter the bloodstream more quickly.


Panitrol for Migraines costs $59.97 per bottle, plus shipping and handling. So, each bottle essentially costs $60. There are some special offers for buying in bulk, which saves some money. You get a free bottle if you buy three, or you can get three free bottles when you purchase six.

What to Expect

I tried Panitrol for Migraines just to see what it would do. I did notice my next couple of migraines decreased in severity during, but it took a couple of weeks to notice real improvement. It seems to work, and if you are wanting something that isn’t a prescription drug to treat your migraines, it is worth a shot.

I noticed my next migraine was not as severe, so there is a possibility of long-term improvement. Naturally, results vary from person to person.

Keep an Eye Out

Although Panitrol for Migraines is available without a prescription, it would be wise to consult a doctor before taking it. It is not known at this time if there have been any problems with Panitrol in terms of side effects, but it is possible, especially if one happens to be allergic to one of the ingredients or a combination of the ingredients.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Enzyme Labs offers a 60-day trial offer. Once the 60 days has ended, if you want your money back, just send the bottles and any unused product for a purchase price refund. There have been some reviews of Panitrol for Migraines, and thus far they are quite positive.

The Bottom Line

Panitrol for Migraines has its pros and cons like all products. The upside to this migraine treatment is the fact that it is natural and is not likely to have any dangerous side effects. Additionally, it does work in some capacity from personal experience. It does have some down sides to it though. It costs $60 per bottle, which is a bit much. Although it does work, results come slowly. Some may not experience any relief. Also, significant results take a while since it is a natural supplement.

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