What is Ema Pharm FewMig?

Ema Pharm FewMig is one of the many natural products on the market claiming to offer a solution to migraines and its related symptoms. The manufacturer claims it is safe and ensures that it helps people to find quick relief by minimizing the number and severity of migraine attacks. The product claims to achieve the above function by providing a migraine prophylaxis through inhibiting inflammation and helping with the release of certain hormones and chemicals such as 5-hydroxytryptamine (5HT, serotonin) from leukocytes. This article seeks to furnish you with the necessary information that will give you a microscopic analysis of these allegations before you make any purchasing decision.


The product is formulated using Feverfew extract, and each capsule contains 250 mg of Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) Extract.


The recommended dosage of the remedy is one capsule a day for between 2 and 4 months.


There is no price given on the manufacturer’s website for a pack containing 10 capsules. Additionally, we could not establish whether the manufacturer offers any kind of discount. There is also no mention on the site as to where the product can be purchased.

Possible Side Effects

Our search did not lead us to any particular adverse side effects of this remedy. However, some precautions need to be adhered to so as to avoid injury and abuse. All breastfeeding and pregnant women are required to consult their doctors before taking this product. The reason for this requirement is that the remedy can lead to premature contractions and possible miscarriage. For those who are allergic to ragweed, they also need to get the approval of a physician so that they don’t suffer from severe allergic reactions. Another group of persons who need to avoid taking this product are those who are planning to undergo, or have just undergone, surgery within a span of 30 days. The reason for this exclusion is that the product can slow blood clotting leading to over bleeding. People who are taking prescription medications, especially hepatic ones, should not take FewMig because it can decrease the liver’s rate of breaking down medications.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Our search did not lead us to any manufacturer’s money-back guarantee that accompanies this supplement. The absence of a refund policy leaves the buyer with no fallback to which they can resort if the product fails to meet their needs as expected and promised. Additionally, there are no verified user reviews on the manufacturer’s website to give a hint of how well the product works.

The Bottom Line

Ema Pharm FewMig seems to be a good product that attempts to help in relieving a migraine and its associated symptoms. Additionally, it is formulated with natural ingredients. However, it has a few serious missing links that can cause a potential buyer to look for other alternatives on the market. First, it does not have a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer hence buyers are left with no fallback to resort to if the product fails. Second, it lacks verified user reviews that can give potential customers an idea of how well the product works.

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