What is Dr. Garland’s Migraine Support?

Dr. Garland’s Migraine Support is one of the many migraine formulas sold in the market. The manufacturer of Migraine Support claims that this naturopathic migraine support therapy has the power to relieve cranial constriction, the source of all headaches. The product is also alleged to stop a headache before it even occurs when taken on a daily basis. This product review is all about informing you on everything you need to know about this formula, for you to make an informed decision worth your money.


This list contains all the ingredients used to make this formula. The product contains 400 mg of Feverfew leaf extracts containing 0.8% Parthenolide, as the active ingredient. Other ingredients are:

  • Gelatin
  • Cellulose
  • Magnesium
  • Silica
  • Stearate (vegetable source)
  • Stearic Acid (Vegetable Source)

This migraine support formula does not contain starch, sugar, gluten, salt, wheat, yeast, soy, corn, milk, shellfish, egg, or preservatives.


This product is a dietary supplement. The manufacturer recommends a serving of one capsule, one to six times a day, preferably with meals. There are 100 servings per container. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children below two years of age should not take this medication as it has Feverfew.


While conducting a search on the manufacture’s website, we found out that the product sells for $26.95. However, if you are a member of the manufacturer’s site, you can buy this product for $18.97.

Possible Side Effects

Since this product is intended for daily use for the best results in preventing migraine attacks, withdrawal symptoms usually occur when you stop taking this formula. Symptoms include rebound headaches, fatigue, anxiety, joint pain, and muscle stiffness. Also, you are recommended to stop using caffeine, as it only works in exacerbating the headache syndrome.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We did not find any return policy or a refund promise indicating that the maker is not sure of the product’s efficacy. Therefore, a customer has no fallback plan should the product fail to meet the expected results. Also, we only found one 5-start customer review which is not enough to guarantee the formula’s efficiency.

The Bottom Line

This product can increase blood flow to brain cells and nerves to stop a headache and migraine before they even occur. The product can also increase blood flow to the brain, a critical requirement for a healthy mind. As much as this product sounds like a good deal, there are a few things that might turn away a potential buyer who might consider purchasing other better products. First, there is no commitment from the manufacturer. No return policy, no money-back guarantee. Secondly, there is only one customer review on the product. Even though it is a 5-star rating, more reviews are a necessity to evaluate the effectiveness of this product. Also, this product sells at a relatively high price, unlike similar products in the market. In the course of our research, we discovered that this formula had been discontinued and replaced by another. Such a move can only indicate the method failed to satisfy its claims. Now that you know all that you should concerning this formula, you can go ahead and make a decision worth your money.

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