Basic Information: What is Migraine Relief

This review is meant to inform consumers about CVS Pharmacy’s Migraine Relief and to offer them advice on how to administer it. This drug effectively combines three active ingredients that compliment each other when it comes to eliminating a migraine. The product targets the cause of the pain as well as the symptoms that occur as a result. This treatment can be found and purchased in several online shops.


Ingredients are carefully chosen for this formula based on their characteristics and abilities of combating migraines. Two of the ingredients are highly efficient pain killers that should eliminate the problem even on their own, while the third ingredient is caffeine. The last ingredient which may seem a basic choice, works wonders by its ability of enhancing the existing effects of the two painkillers.

Active Ingredients:


The consumer should administer two caplets orally, either at once or split into two doses throughout the day. Unless instructed by a doctor, the user should not take more than two caplets in a period of 24 hours. If the symptoms persist, it is advised to immediately contact a doctor.


The price for one package is that of 12.99$. The manufacturing company does not refer to any discounts or advantages when ordering more than one pack. Prices may vary depending on each individual store due to the fact that the manufacturer does not sell the product.

What to Expect

When other anti migraine formulas stopped working for me I began using Migraine Relief in the hopes that it will have a strong effect. I followed the recommended dosages precisely hoping that this drug will alleviate the pounding headache I was experiencing. The effect went nearly unnoticed with the first dose as the migraine persisted without signs of relief. When taking a second caplet only, I started feeling that the pain is diminishing slowly. This medication did work in the end as it made the migraine bearable until it passed but it did not work entirely as described because it took much longer to feel the effect.

Keep an Eye Out

This is a drug that should be taken by following the instructions explicitly. There are various side effects that may appear and some of them can be severe under specific circumstances. Migraine Relief may cause stomach bleeding, especially if the user is over the age of 60 or taking any kind of anticoagulant agent. Allergies may appear with various symptoms and the consumer should avoid taking these caplets if he is aware of being allergic to various pain killers such as aspirin. The user must also take precautions when administering this drug as it contains acetaminophen, a substance heavy on the liver and may cause damage.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The Manufacturer’s commitment remains unclear as there is no guarantee or money back guarantee presented on their website. It is unknown whether the customer can return the product and ask for a refund.

The lack of reviews raises more questions as there are no clients mentioning their experiences with this drug and the effect on their health.

The Bottom Line

Migraine Relief is a mixture of pain killing drugs that are well-known for diminishing the effects of a migraine. There are, however, some questions regarding this product as the manufacturer fails to inform the potential user regarding any kind of guarantee or return policy. Another downside to this treatment is the fact that there are many side effects that can be experienced and some of them may even endanger the consumer’s health.

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