What is Boots Migraine Relief 50mg Tablets?

Boots Migraine Relief 50mg Tablets is one of the many remedies on the market that claim to offer a solution for migraines. The manufacturer of this treatment alleges it is effective in providing faster relief from the effects of migraine attacks. In addition, it boasts of the ability to clear the pain that is associated with sickness and sensitivity to light. The aim of this review is to give you an accurate presentation of the facts regarding the remedy so that you can make a wise buying decision that will offer you the best value for your money.


The main active ingredient used in the formulation of this product is Sumatriptan 50mg. The tablets also contain lactose.


The manufacturer recommends that the tablets be taken by adults aged 18 to 65 years only. You are supposed to take one tablet immediately after feeling the first signs of a migraine attack. If symptoms return, a patient can take another tablet, but only after 2 hours.  You are not supposed to exceed the daily limit of 2 tablets per 24 hours. Additionally, swallow the tablets whole with water.


A pack of two tablets costs $10. There were no special discounts at the time we were checking the manufacturer’s website. The lack of a bargain means all buyers who would like to enjoy discounts could possibly get them from third-party resellers.

Possible Side Effects

So far, we have not come across any negative side effects associated with these tablets. However, the manufacturer gives several warnings and cautions to help you keep yourself safe. They warn against exceeding the daily consumption limit and violating the age limit of between 18 and 65 years. Additionally, consumers are advised to see a doctor if your symptoms return. Additionally, all persons suffering from allergies or who are planning to get pregnant need to get a doctor’s clearance before using the tablets. All pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are also required to clear with a physician before they consume the tablets.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no manufacturer’s money-back guarantee accompanying this product. This lack of a refund policy leaves a customer with nothing to resort to if the product fails them. During our search, we did not come across any verified user reviews that can give a potential buyer a clue of how effective the remedy is.

The Bottom Line

Boots Migraine Relief 50mg Tablets are among the few solutions helping people to get relief from migraines. The product comes with very clear dosage instructions that protect the consumer from possible abuse and its effects. However, it has a few shortcomings that can make a potential buyer opt for other substitutes on the market. First, it is expensive compared to other equally effective alternatives on offer. Second, it does not have a money-back guarantee. Lastly, it lacks the Good Manufacturing Practice Certification that can vouch for its overall quality and safety.

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