Basic Information: What is Ausanil

This informative review will provide every potential consumer with advice regarding the homeopathic nasal spray Ausanil. As a migraine relieving remedy, this spray will relieve severe head aches in mere minutes as it stimulates the nerves that signal the brain. It reduces the swelling of blood vessels as well as inflammation, therefore reducing the pain and the symptoms associated with it. This treatment is a homeopathic medication that does not require a prescription and can be obtained in various pharmacies and online stores.


The formula is designed by using two active ingredients that will stimulate the nerve and reduce the inflammation that causes the migraine. When the user applies the spray he will feel a sharp sting, thus knowing that the compounds are stimulating the nerve and will reduce the pain shortly after.

Active ingredients

  • Capsicum Annuum
  • Zingiber Officinale


The user is advised to apply this nasal spray by pumping inside the nose once or twice. After the application, you should wait approximately one minute before blowing your nose to clear it. According to instructions, the consumer will feel a sting inside the nose which means the effect is taking place. It can be applied as often as needed.


Ausanil can be purchased at the listed price of 34.95$ on the manufacturer’s website. One bottle contains 50 regular doses. The consumer will not benefit from any discounts or special offers if ordering more than one bottle.

What to Expect

As recommended, I applied this spray twice every time i felt that a migraine is about to attack. The spray does indeed cause a sharp sting that lasts for 5 minutes or even more and it can be quite an uncomfortable feeling. In my experience this irritation will be felt less and less the more I use the spray. On the bright side, it does reduce the migraine’s intensity and makes it bearable. The sting that is felt even serves as a distraction from the head ache until it relieves it. The treatment works as described but it may not eliminate the symptoms entirely.

Keep an Eye Out

The spray is comprised of natural ingredients and adverse reactions should not be encountered. This product does not create a dependency on it and it will not cause drowsiness to the consumer. If you are suffering from asthma, it is highly advisable to contact a professional medical care specialist before using this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no mention of a guarantee or return policy from the manufacturer’s part. It is questionable whether the customer may obtain reimbursement if the product is faulty or if he is unsatisfied with it.

Previous consumers express their opinion on this product based on their own experience with it. The feedback is entirely positive as they are pleased with the effect this spray has on migraines and intense head aches.

The Bottom Line

This homeopathic spray is a migraine relieving remedy that contains natural ingredients, thus reducing the chancing of occurring side effects. Reviews are highly positive, reinforcing the idea that this is a treatment that works. There are two major downsides, however, as the manufacturer does not have guarantee for this product and does not offer any kind of discounts when purchasing more than just one bottle.

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