What is 4head QuickStrip?

4head QuickStrip refers to a hydrogel patch that is formulated to offer instant relief from severe headaches and migraines while helping to relax tense neck muscles. The product, produced by a UK-based company, promises to offer fast relief when severe headaches or migraines occur without leaving any visible residue. It doesn’t require to be refrigerated and can be cut to size. It also alleges to offer instant cooling and soothing.


Levomenthol, commonly referred to as menthol, is the active ingredient in 4head QuickStrip. Menthol is the major constituent of peppermint oil. On exploring the benefits that menthol offers, we found that it is a powerful organic compound that works as a pain reliever when used in creams and gels. It produces a numbing effect by triggering vasodilation, a process that widens blood vessels to increase the flow of blood while reducing the skin barrier function. As a result, more nutrients are brought in for cellular repair and waste is carried away.


You can use 4head QuickStrip as often as you want. However, the manufacturer recommends that frequent applications should be less frequent if the local sensations are too strong after the initial use. You should discontinue using 4head QuickStrip if it triggers adverse reactions with your skin. There are no exact instructions has to how and where the strip should be applied and for how long it should be left on.


We didn’t find the recommended retail price of 4head QuickStrip on the manufacturer’s official website. You can find it on affiliate online stores, such as ASDA, TESCO Sainsbury’s, Lloyds pharmacy, Boots, and independent pharmacies. On Amazon, 4head QuickStrip is retailing at $3.35. Delivery in the UK is free for orders exceeding $24.89. We didn’t find special discounts or offers for bulk purchases.

Possible Side Effects

We have not found any severe or adverse side effects associated with the use of 4head QuickStrip. However, you may experience a burning sensation if you have sensitive skin. The absence of reviews on the manufacturer’s official website and Amazon may indicate that this product is not as effective as it alleges. It is also recommendable to contact a dermatologist or physician before using this product if you have a sensitive skin type or if you are allergic to menthol. This product is also not recommendable for children below 12 years of age because it can be hard for them to use as directed. Asthma patients are advised to use 4head QuickStrip in well-ventilated areas

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We did not find a money-back guarantee for 4head QuickStrip on their official website. This may be an indication that the manufacturer is not confident in this being an effective product for relieving migraines and headaches. There are both positive and negative customer reviews on Amazon which may point out that this product can be helpful to some but not all.

The Bottom Line

4head QuickStrip is seemingly a helpful product that can alleviate migraines and headaches. It is suitable for the young and elderly. Its main ingredient is menthol which is renowned  to ease the pain from headaches and migraines. However, it comes with some downsides. There are no clear guidelines on how to use the product, just that you can use it as often as you like but reduce the use if you experience any unpleasant skin sensations. There is also no money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. The presence of negative user reviews on Amazon clearly indicates this may not be the best solution for migraines and headaches for everyone.

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