Maintaining a migraine diary is a useful practice in the long run as you can record the frequency of your headaches observe a pattern in which such headaches occur and why.  There are times when migraine attacks can happen when you miss a meal or there is a change in the sleep pattern.  When you maintain a diary to record the migraine attacks then you will slowly make changes in your lifestyle as well as in your activities so as to reduce the frequency of such headaches.  This diary will be of great help to the doctor as well in order to diagnose the disease in a better manner as well as prescribe or change the medicines accordingly.

How to Keep A Migraine DiaryIn order to keep a diary for migraine it is necessary that you maintain a 31 day diary and in whichever month and date you experience a migraine, you should note it down along with the details under that particular date with the month.  One can even make use of abbreviations in order to keep a concise track of the migraines. For example if the visual distortions happen for thirty minutes then use the abbreviation VD30 for it. For sensitivity towards light you could use the letter L and for nausea you can use the letter N. It is an easier and a precise way to maintain a record.

One should keep a section on medication that is used to treat a particular migraine at a particular time and the abbreviations could make the work easier for you. For example for Paracetamol you can use the letter P but one can use any form of abbreviations that is suitable and easy to understand when referring to a previous migraine attack.  There should be a section to rate the impact of the headache. On the scale of one to ten, one should be able to rate the headache as a mild one which does not interfere in your day to day activities. And ten should be the impact of the headache to the extent that causes you to be bed ridden or to be unable to carry out the daily functions.

How to Keep A Migraine DiaryThe most important thing to do is to keep an eye on the reasons that cause a migraine to trigger off. It can be related to what you eat or what you drink or even the kind of activities you indulge in especially 48 hours before the migraine sets in. A few factors that are known to cause migraine are change in sleep patterns, mensuration, strange smells or strong light, certain types of food, bad news, anxiety, excitement, stress, changes in weather, excess of exercise, lack of food or missed meals or even delaying of meals, alcohol and even feeling of fatigue.  These are some of the common reasons that have been found to cause migraine but it is not only restricted to these factors.

The diary helps in also compiling information regarding how much of a success has a medicine been or a failure. To what extent has changes in one’s lifestyle improved or deteriorated the condition of the migraine. The diary becomes an important asset to record and provide answers.

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