When certain medicines that alleviate the pain caused by migraine is over used then it worsens the situation.  Migraine is accompanied by a throbbing pain, one gets sensitive to light or sound, nausea and vomiting.  Those who heavily rely on medicines can worsen the headache.  Rebound headache also known as medication overuse headache occurs due to over usage of medicines.  Rebound headaches are seen in one percent of the population.  For reasons unknown, the medicines one takes to get rid of headaches are the ones that start causing headaches. The headaches increase as your medicine intake increases and one develops chronic headaches over time.

Certain medicines can lead to chronic headaches if used for a long time and one should consult one’s doctor if these medicines are being taken more than twice a week.

Can Medication Trigger Migraines?Combination analgesics that are a combination of caffeine, acetaminophen and aspirin.

Triptans are known to reduce headache as the blood vessels are constricted by them.

Opioid medications like codine are narcotics and can result in addictions. Such medicines are prescribed as being the last resort.

Ergots contain ergotamine which is a pain reliever and also contains caffeine.

Pain relievers like naproxen, ibuprofen, aspirin and acetaminophen can also result in chronic headaches if used for a long period of time.

Can Medication Trigger Migraines?In order to reduce the chronic headaches it is best if one stops taking the medicines that are causing it. Slowly over a period of time as the dependency on these medicines reduces, the headaches will also reduce.  This detoxification of the body will be a difficult one as one cannot take any other medicine at that time. A Danish study has found that when this strict regime is followed it produces really good results and there is a reduction of up to sixty seven percent in the frequency of the migraines.

The patient might be asked to periodically visit the doctor as the detoxification process can result in other problems.  Once the process is complete then the patient can resume the medicines depending on the intensity and frequency of the headaches.  Certain types of medicines can be prescribed that reduces the migraines as well as the dependency on those medicines that triggered off the chronic headaches.

If one is experiencing more headaches then it is necessary to consult one’s doctor as those patients who use medications that relieve pain can be suffering from medication over use and will be in need of medical attention.  It is advisable that one maintains a migraine diary.  The diary is a useful record to see when a headache begins, for how long does it last, the medicines that are used to alleviate the pain, the factors and the reasons that have triggered off the headache. One should also keep a record of how taking of a medicine triggers off a headache and whether you experience a headache when you take medication. All such entries are useful for a doctor to determine the level of migraine and the appropriate medicines that should be prescribed to the patient to help them cope with migraine.

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